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What Others Say

Market Commentary / Analysis

"Thank you for the smiles. For the good common sense commentaries you provide on a daily basis. For the extensive coverage of the markets. I, for one appreciate all of this and all the hard work that I know goes into all of this. You are still the best, and I look forward to reading your newsletters everyday....I have learned a lot from your newsletters and market commentary. You are still the best. I look to the stocks you select for many of my trading selections. With all the information you give it gives me confidence that I'm at least making an informed decision."
Sincerely, Terry Y. 6/12/2000

"Who Loves Ya, Baby...
Just finished reading your market wrap for Wednesday, May 10 and I gotta tell ya, I love you guys! Thanks for putting a smile on my face In addition to all the great research, market wisdom, informed opinions, etc., sometimes you guys are just plain funny. I truly believe if more people would just take advantage of the benefits offered by your site there would be a noticeable decline in the amount of overall stress, and the market might even consider offering a tip of the hat to plain old common sense again... I promise to do my part to spread the good word, so please, keep it coming!!"
Sincerely, Bob 5/11/2000

"Just want to thank you for this terrific service you provide. I can't tell you how great it is to get intelligent "scoop" on the markets by someone not afraid to translate what all this stuff means to casual on-line traders like me, who's trying to make a buck, but still has to work for a living. With all the research that's available, folks like me could just spend the rest of our lives reading it all, trying to understand what it all means, and never sleeping again. You make life a little easier. Thanks."
Michele 5/15/2000

Trading Strategies

"SplitTrader has changed the way I approach the market. Your insight, and obvious proven track record, are like a beacon in times of market volatility. Thanks!"
Caleb 5/21/2000

You are the best educational, thoroughly responsible site on the web re stock splits, and info, even if one is holding for the long term..."
J.G. 3/1/2000


"I would like to compliment your staff on its daily market wraps. They are very informative and educational, and have become a first read every morning. Your editorials are first rate, and I have invested in some of the companies highlighted in these editorials with good results. The insights your commentators show are the equal of any publication I have ever read."
Jim K. 3/14/2000

"There are so many opinion and rating services out there today. Only recently did I find the SplitTrader site. And I am happy that I did. It is a pleasure reading your thoughts. They are clear, concise and very much on the target. Don't stop.
Thank you." BOB L. 5/4/2000

"You're the BEST!!
....Within the short time I have been a registered user, I have already made a large profit. I trade for a living at home and while I was doing well, your service provides much more of a plan than I had on my own. Now here is the main reason I am writing to you...I feel totally dependent on your service!!! While this is a great compliment to you, it really scares me :-) I say this with a smile but the truth is, if you should at some point in time, decide to shut your service down I would be lost!!..."
Sincerely, T.R. 2/15/2000

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