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Investors have discovered the positive effect stock splits can have on a company's share price. When a company is performing well, the price of the stock can rise beyond the reach of average investors. The company may, therefore split shares of its stock and lower the effective trading price.

Although market capitalization remains unchanged, stock splits can prompt greater interest and demand in a company and cause the price of the stock to rise even higher. That is why stock splits can add up to major profits for investors who know how to trade them. helps investors identify split opportunities BEFORE they become obvious to the average investor. The integrated website tracks and highlights the most compelling split candidates by industry sector and advises how best to trade split candidates including when to buy and when to sell.

Explosive Growth of Online Accounts

Today, there are more than 8 million individual investors trading online and according to industry sources, the number of online accounts is expected to triple by the year 2003. As more and more investors take control of their own investment portfolio, the need to translate news and events into trading strategies has never been greater.

Since its introduction, has quickly earned the confidence of online traders. The website includes the analysis and tools demanding online traders expect from an advisory service: market analysis & commentary, trading strategies and a trader's toolkit.

Knowledge is Power

With many new investors coming online daily, the traders with the best information may profit most from early positions.

The Bottom Line

So whether you're just starting out, or an experienced online trader, you can benefit from's comprehensive information services.

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