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Trading 101

 Splits 101
There are five classic stages in a good stock split. Not every stock that announces a split will exhibit all five stages depending on the current market, previous gains in stock price, length of time between the announcement and actual split, etc. No amount of split hysteria will power a split run if the company just missed earnings or is the victim of some other negative news event.

 Technical Analysis
Our technical analysis section is the gold mine of Trading 101. Here you will find everything from Bollinger Bands to Trendline Analysis. Education and experience are the best ways to improve your trading, and once again, delivers both.

 Trading Techniques
Wondering how to establish your trading plan? Or maybe you are in the process of selecting a broker? splittrader's Trading Techniques section provides powerful information to get you started, keep you going and help make your trading even better.

One of the most comprehensive out there, SplitTrader has worked hard to compile a glossary to cover everything from the most basic to the more complex. We will be continually adding to this section with our Definition of the Day.


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